Ticket 042020181542 Chapter 26 – Todays Working Diagrams: 

Todays Working Diagrams:  for Chapter 26

A picture of the president to his right,  using a special epoxy the psychiatrist slowly glued the plastic fingerprint tips on his fingers reminding himself that saving ”the brothers of freedom” – a fairly new all men’s secret organiztion  – was more important than one of its members.   He then looked at his face and started changing his eyebrows making them bushier.

Dr. Kurrey was part of the freedom craze, a series of bogus initiatives by secret societies trying to sweep the nation. For moloch child sacrifices and murderous homosexual sex with boys and men, Kurrey, a republican, was willing to Kill and even die to keep alive masonry’s ”traditions of freedom.”  The traditions of freedom were based on wizardry to hide the crimes of masonry white supremacy and included  idol worshipping rituals where murder, mass murder, and cannibalism the values held secretly by mason white supremacy for hundreds of year, were the norm.  

This was once ond of Americas most loved presidents Tex,   He was a short-hare. ”He looks pretty tall to me”   JC Angelcraft Acme Caravans

The Undercover Prisoner.

JT sat in a holding cell reading a book.  He was waiting to be transferred by the state marshal to the cell right across from Martin Noire.   His six month assignment required total and complete dedication to becoming cell-block friends with Noire and helping him to relax.  He would be Noires second source  for tobacco.   It was risky.  JT had arrested Martin Noire during his college days but there was no one better than JT for this assignment.  JT handed JC all his personal belongings.

”I think thats all of them,”

”I still need your badge JT” JC said . JT reached into his leg where JT usually kept a second 22 caliber pistol, a pocket knife and his badge.

”Oh here it is” said JT ”I forgot. ”

”The knife too”  JT

”I might need it”

”Make a shiv JT like all the other prisoners, you know the game.”

” I  have a flight to Africa  in less than 6 hours  I will check on your progress in couple of months.  Lets look over your government life insurance policy before I leave…we have added some more benefits to your policy.  I recommend this option for you.´´

JC pointed out the changes he recommended to  JT’s policy and  JT signed.  He pulled out the picture of JT’s wife and daughter from  behind JT’s badge.

”You want to sneak this in.”

”You know we’re divorced JC..”



Jumbo in Africa 

Looking at himself in a Mirror ”The mighty Jumbo fears no man. ha ha ha” said Jumbo talking to himself as he pulled out knife preparing himself.

”I thought you were going to blow up his plane?”  said his Secretary handing him a martini-

”The brothers of freedom have to come up with money.”