Ticket no.0120181000 Chapter 12 The rally at the white house

JC Angelcraft New York March 1, 2018:   ”The newly elected president” by JC Angelcraft on-line is a free book available without subscription and intended to raise awareness and provide answers for people who were clueless about freemasonry’s workings inside and outside government and how secret societies work day and night to take over the United States of America and countries in their quest for world domination one that deprives people around the world of their freedom.  At their highes levels, freemasons came to fully support the work of white supremacy from the both a communist atheist and a socialist perspective corrupting democracy in the process,

Ours on the other hand is not a quest for world domination, but a fight for freedom from the evils of magic and sorcery as expressed through various different kinds of occult- religions by different names who work together to keep the world in a grip of white supremacy terror. What freemasons once claimed to fight, in the end  they aligned under the leadership of white supremacy.

These are problems that todays governments and our armies of good psychologists and sociolgists being assembled even now are working on preventing so that this never happens again in any part of the world. Before very unprofessional psychologists members of secret socities used to help these people commit their crimes.

Todays Imagery links provide awareness of the problem using a very simple search engine strategy. This tell us alot about the current problems that white supremacy poses.

Chapter 12

The year is 2038 While JC had dinner in Chicago, the men of the workers party together with citizens and many greek fraternities had spent the night at Lafayette Park in the front of the white house

The lies in the newspapers said the Martin Noire was going to deliver a speech.

That night several campfires on nearby beaches were reported and and five children where reported to be missing from George Washington University Hospital.

In the newspapers crime and violence  abounded,

The morning came and went and JC met with the District Attorney at his office in the courthouse together with other prosecutors to continue the previous evening’s discussion.

By noontime people were getting anxious.

As Mary met with advisors inside getting a message prepared, a small riot broke out at the fence and was broken up.

Mary’s security advisor made a command decision and Mary would have to wait.

As Teddy informed the audience that Martin Noire is ”being detained.”

Men from the workers party, students and citizen started shouting.

”Four more for Noire!”  ”Four more for Noire!”  ”Four more for Noire!” not listening to Teddy

The loudspeaker was overwhelming and the people quieted.

”He is lying” said one of the members of workers party.  ”This is socialism” the workers party member continued as if from a handbook of terrorism.

Several groups of male fraternities joined the workers party and their accusations.  Workers party men and students had trampled over some civilians.

One workers party leader turned to the a small audience at the fountain.

”They have kidnapped Martin Noire and are holding him hostage”

The citizens could not believe it.

Lies started spreading like wildfires and the people were getting more and more upset.

”The german embassy reported looting”

Amidst the Chaos Mary stepped up courageously to the microphone and the people cheered seeing her.

After things had calmed down the military quietly entered the audience and started removing problems as Mary spoke.

”Martin Noire is being held by the Police and has been arrested and charged with high crimes against the people.  We apologize for the problem and ”the Goggles”  a local band from George Washington University is going to perform today in front the White House as scheduled. ”

Several Stands had been set up already for the event.

All around the world pentagrams upon pentagrams from workers party white supremacy atheist mystic sorcerers from Turkey, Dresden, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Mexico and U.S. watched the happenings from their cauldrons conjuring murderous spirits and spirits of discord onto the scene and events.  The goal for the day was to create chaos and terror in front of the white house.

Several male covens attempted from their cauldrons to spy on the saints inside churches who were shielded from the intrusions while they prayed and met in their usual services.

”We have to infiltrate the white parishes churches and synagogues physically and in person”  Said Henry to his coven members.  ”We’ll fit in perfectly in their choirs, pulpits and pews and they will trust us with their alter boys.”

At NSA offices in New York City a terrorists parachuted in through an open window. Marcia who was alone in her office next door and watched the intrusion from her computer.  There was nothing in the secure area but an elevator whose door began to open by itself,  The Terrorist entered the Elevator.  When the door closed the bottom fell out from underneath him and he soon found himself tangled in a net.

Intelligent rays scanned the Terrorist as he was suspended in the air.  Then he was put to sleep so NSA Special Agents and the F.B.I. could question him.  He was not armed and only had mace on him.  His D.N.A. and finger prints registered him as a University student from Dresden.  The F.B.I. had already figured out his alliby and they were partly correct. He said he was going to land in Central Park and that it was on a ”dare”   from his fraternity.  He was a member of the new democratic movement for the Republic of New York as well as the writer of its Socialist Constitution demanding greater rights for white males in the United States.  White males however had the same rights as everyone else.  It was white male couples who were not permitted legal access to children.

JC Angelcraft New York  Le bureau de JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Jose Maria Chavira MS Adagio 1st Primogentivs Fivs Dei Hominis Espiritvs Dominus Dominorum est et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JCAngelcraft Rex Angeli in gratia Espiritvs Sancti La Couronne Monde Château Versailles Place d’Armes,78000 France et 725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA




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