Ticket 022420181010 Chapter 8 The burning of the 911 New York city museum

N.S.A. National Security Agency  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Security_Agency

New York Animal Care Center  https://www.nycacc.org/

INTERPOL Office of the Director of Intelligence.  It is not a book.    https://internationalpoliceandintelligenceforce.wordpress.com/interpol-911-archives/potus/

The newly elected president by JC Angelcraft   

New York City 2038

The burning of the 911 New York city museum where the mason grand master lodge was once house, was a tangled affair.  New Yorkers had decided to put a simple exhibition there so they would not forget the betrayal of their country. Plans for making it another USPHS free clinic for humans and pets was under consideration

Hundreds of children across the country had disappeared the same night according to reports.   The old cremation machine hidden in a forgotten room bound for a funeral parlor was almost left intact and had been secretly used.  It was a regular cremation machine but underneath it was a trap door that led to another room left intact and that contained a cremator.  This one was shaped just like Moloch and  The torso opened in half pulled up at the crotch between its legs.


A paramiltary white supremacist group from Dresden called in and accepted the blame saying that with help from the feemasons their operatives burned down the building and the Museums curator was called.

From around New York many calls from Greek Fraternities had registered all that went to Dresden and none that had gotten through. But it gave investigators lots of leads.

The wallet of a young man an exchange student from Germany was found near the scene.

The room was large and a few men naked laid down passed out asleep on the floor.  The policed dressed them in paper clothes, handcuffed them and each one was removed from the scene and taken to jail.  Even arrested at the scene of the crime, they would later call for their mason lawyers`friends to defend them.

Throughout the day calls to mason lodges in Europe from americans and Canadians came in.  The masons wanted to strike a deal with their European Brotherhood.  The Mexican Masons were guaranteed their safety but Mexicans like Americans were open game and masons in the western hemisphere had to accept it and was nothing unusual.

”This is a little upsetting” said one caller whose call came from the white house, from the situation room of all places.

”This has to be Martin Noire” said one of the agents of the NSA.

The F.B.I. was called and a warrant was issued for the Arrest of Martin Noire who had a perfect alibi except for one.  His name showed up miraculously on the newly discovered Mason rolls where previously masons had  worked furiously to remove it and they also thought that there was no trace of Martin Noirs criminal record.  In less than an Hour Martin Noire would be in New York-

Everybody thought the old mason lodge museums were safe.  Masonry had secretly been working through the years to come back.

”Four more for Noire”  said an innocent secretary oblivious to the news and serving coffee to the  JC who sipped his coffee and said nothing,

”Thank you Brenda”

”Your welcome JC”

”I hear that he is going to get elected again”

”You think?” JC responded.

”I sure hope so.  Everybody says he is the next Martin Luther King”

”He is no Martin Luther King Brenda, he has not done anything.”

”The Indpendent” says he led a civil rights march at Berkeley

”Brenda we have not had civil rights problems now for years”

”Well you would know, wouldn’t you.”

”What about his peace prize and his new book ”The Black Death?”

”Well we will see if they give it to him.”

”Why don’t you like Martin Noir?”  asked Brenda

”I prefer Dr. King”

”But wasn’t Martin Luther King shot?”

” That is ”Dr. Martin Luther King Jr”  Brenda and yes he was just like the Kennedy brothers.  Thats why I like all three of them and all the civil rights men women and children who died. more than Martin Noire.

”Oh.” she responded.

”I guess your not going to vote for him?”

”I aim to put him in jail Brenda together with his mason brotherhood.”

”I thought all the masons had gone to jail?”

”They came back under our noses”

”Oh?” said Brenda.

A few hours later at The Plaza Hotel

Without his usual NSA entourage looking like an average citizen in sunglasses JC went to his offices at the Plaza and was refused entry being told he could not afford the Plaza.  He gave the Doorman a hundred dollars just to go to the bathroom.

”Ok real quick” said Doorman  ”They have cameras”

”I know this” said JC fixing his tie.

The Doorman was interrupted by an FBI Escort Martin Noire had come to town.  They had not seen JC and the door man.”

The men of the F.B.I. were now the protection of the newly elected President and had to report to JC if he required it.  Long gone were the days of the secret service.  As JC entered the bathroom a young blonde german boy from Dresden and two grown men from Dresden had accompanied him.

They scanned the bathroom with RF detectors and JC was in the last stall and had no electronics on him.

”Your going to meet Martin Noire they said to him in German”   New York’s security and surveillance had caught everything.

”We need to use bathroom said the German agents knocking on JC’s stall”

”Hey give me break” said J.C.  ”I won’t say nothing,  theres other stalls”

”We need this one”

”O.K.” said JC give me a minute he flushed several times and minutes lapsed.  The agents were getting frustrated pounded on the door.”’

A security guard heard the noise and started walking toward the bathroom together with the F.B.I.”

JC managed to get out of the bathroom and looked around the doorman was busy.  He was recognized by the Reservation clerks. and told them to pretend to take his reservation. F.B.I. agents were questioning people and were not suspicious of anything in the lobby.  Meanwhile upstairs surveillance at the Plaza had been overwhelmed and tied up and other German Agents were in control.  They sent word.  The boy was escorted up to Martin Noire.  He was a young blonde hair boy and was the negotiated sex peace between Dresden  Masons and American Masons.  Norton had struck a deal.

The act of terrorism did not escape NASA and the F.B.I.

”The Dresden agent handed the Boy over almost violently to Martin Noire saying”

”Four more for Noire” he said.

”This one will do for now.” responded Noire.

Having the evidence they needed another control group of F.B.I. agents rushed the scene of the crime.  In the hallway near the elevator one agent tried to escape and was taken into custody.

”The special ops german team was trapped in the Surveillance room.  They broke out their terrorist masks and threatened to kill the security guards one by one if their demands were not met”

”He put one of the guards on screen asking him if he had any last words”

”The security guard said yes, I would spit in your nazi terrorists faces if I could.”

Before the Terrorist could break his neck a blast came at the door opening it.  The room was gassed and men were forced to crawl out on their bellies’. Wearing gas masks, The Swat team rescued the tied security guards.

In another room the young boy was questioned by a women social worker who spoke German.  She was a special agent from the United States Public Health Service.  She looked over the boy to see if he was ok.  He had taken five Ritalin pills.  He was taken under custody to a Hospital where he would be sedated and lightly questioned before plans to return him to Dresden were made.

The men guarding Noire on duty had witnessed everything and had evaded mason suspicion.  They were carefully selected by JC to guard Noire who came through for JC and the Department.  The entire ordeal had made them sick and later several confessed to wanting to join swat and see some action.

”This was the only way to show you penetration” said JC to his men the best in the Department.

”JC had let all suspicious F.B.I. agents slightly into the operation.  But these did not guard Noire and they all thought the old system was back.

Across the Justice Department the days events warranted arrested warrants for more than one hundred F.B.I. agents that day in Washington and New York who reacted to the days events and their actions caught on surveillance.

”We can blame it on the Muslims.” one Agent said to another at the reservation desk not noticing JC.

”Are you crazy?” said his partner.

”We can, I am going to the Independent right now.”

JC came out of hiding and ordered his partner to arrest him on suspicion of terrorism and as an accomplice to the days events.  As this was happening a message came in on JC’s beeper.

”Can’t we make some celebrity or a satanic rock band to blame and we can make the kid disappear? Please call the office.”   JC hit his trace button,  It would be interesting to see where the text message was sent from.  JC was still one of the few people who stuck with beeper text messaging after everyone  went to cell phones. He had his trusty black beeper rigged up special by NSA, but nobody knew about it.

As the days events came to a close the doorman was concerned about the hundred dollars JC had given him and kept turning to look at JC as he talked to his agents.   Seeing his nervousness JC handed him ”a twenty” as a tip for his cooperation.

”Thank you Mr. Chavira” he said.  ” Your welcome” he said ”Here take these and take your kids to go see the game.  Boston in is town.”


Tommorrow JC would look at the reports of the missing children and follow up the way he was used to.  There were several men in custody caught sleeping at the scene of the crime who he also needed to interview.

In his apartment he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a V-8 and made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich on wheat bread. He had several places and in each place he kept rescued cats and dogs and had people who helped to care for the animals and find them good homes.

The rejects, the old dogs and hard luck cases he sent to his ranch getaways where the animals finished their lives out peacefully and got lots of love from the many muttons,  couples and visitors to these Mutton ranches where people were coached how to raise and pastor sheep.  It was the latest health retreat therapy craze.

Watching and learning from the aussies many dogs had their hand at herding.  The old dogs were especially fond of herding and quick to learn.

New York Animal Care Center  https://www.nycacc.org/

The newly elected president by JC Angelcraft all rights reserved, 

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