Ticket 0220181035 Chapter 04

The desk of Jose Maria Chavira M.S. nom de plume  JC Angelcraft New York City  725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

The Newly Elected President

Chapter 04



Daulf was a young man from Bavaria.  He was taken from his Father by child traffickers when he was very young and raised by the state or so he was told by the traffickers.  He was given a middle school education.  Everybody liked Daulf and he worked hard and but his new father was never far from him and seemed to control and influence his sons’ behavior. Then Daulf was rescued taken away but not after after being classically conditioned by the traffickers.  He was reluctant and fought the social workers every step of the way.

He was reunited with his family and put on his Uncles’ farm who put him to work.  When farm animals started dying, the boys father mysteriously showed up to try to take his son back, but Daulfs’  uncle scared him off.

There were problems but nothing that could not be handled by Daulphs Aunt and Uncle who were childless.

”What are you doing young man?” asked his aunt about the premature deaths of her pigs.

”This is socialism” responded Daulf

Since white supremacists had began experimenting with fertility in their secret laboratories with men and women and in government clinics, all sorts of problems happened in white supremacy run countries.  Couples went childless, some of their own will and others forced. Men and women started having problems with obesity and down syndrome started increasing through the years to abnormal rates.  Cases of sickle cell anemia and other genetic diseases were now compounding and accidentals deaths and deaths by medical reasons soared into the millions.

After supporting white supremacy for years, European culture was now genetically  dying.  Infertility, obesity and mutations plagued them but they refused to give in and loved their children any way they turned out.  Something had gone terribly wrong and now Baravia  Public Health Service commanded the respect they deserved and many white supremacist soldiers, young men and women, were shocked to learn that they were not part of the real army and agreed to be trained and re-educated.

Several officers however however refused to give up all the locations of the bases in Bavaria that sprung up and the coalition’s help was called in.

In his middle school years Daulf wrote a paper arguing that they should kill all the people and things with diseases and got an A from his teacher.  In his paper he said that socialism must not allow the people to destroy themselves and so everyone and everything with diseases had to die.

As he progressed through school Daulf learned about military heroes of German Socialism. Adolf Hitler was one of them and who shared the same philosophy about getting rid of imperfect people and perfecting the white race.  This is where Daulph learned to hate the Jews and blamed the problems of the world on them.

All seemed well and fine in Daulfs life and now the children once repulsed by Daulf in their early years now admired him and said that he was like Adolph Hitler once the greatest of compliments you could give to kid in Daulfs white supremacy upbringing.

But money and support lacking and Daulfs’ Father now in Jail there was no money to send Daulf to school so he joined the military where he was promised he would learn more about Adolph Hitler.

”This is socialism” his recruiter told him after reading Daulf’s paper written as a student entitled ”Socialism and Science” which always got him rave reviews.

The White Supremacy high command looked through secret cameras at Daulfs recruitment.  ”Theres our next poster child, ” they said.

Since he was very young Daulf was conditioned to kill small animals.  He had a secret notebook he told nobody about filled with pictures of the Bull-god, and swastikas together with Latin Letters. When White Supremacy high command learned of the book through spying on Daulf they shook him down and confiscated the Literature.   After a long talk with his commanding officer, he was told by the officer.   ” I have to keep your secret manual in your top-secret file.  You can look at it in my office whenever you want but only you.”  This made Daulf very happy.  He was then given a manual and a special set of books and small very expensive bronzed Bull-god idol that he could use to sacrifice and cremate rodents. Daulf was now on his way to becoming a black high priest for the special forces.  He wanted to work in Mexico.

But Daulf was not however real military.  He was paramilitary, but Daulf thought it was the real military and there was enough contact with the real military to convince recruits to stay being told they were the top men in the military.

The Bavarian government struggled to diffuse this situation without causing a great disturbance among the people .

Daulfs’ life changed and from becoming almost a loner he became the life of the party and everyone’s best friend.  ”If you needed a favor you could rely on Daulf” the men would say.


In Dresden the Wizard talked with the secret white supremacy high command about the slaughter of white supremacy soldiers and that it was too much too soon after the Dresden 911 massacre.  But the High Priest would not admit anything and stuck to his story that they were killed by the new coalition.

”This is socialism” the high priest told the  white supremacy high command pointing to the newspaper article he wrote of the unjust slaughter of white supremacy soldiers.

“Why did you write this?” asked a member of the council.

”We just have to convince the military leaders to secretly  come over to our side.” The Wizard argued  “This way we can have control of the entire coalition.”

”It won’t work” uttered another member “We have to continue our bio-terror plans that get the most results for littlest money.”

Bio-terror scared the high priest. ”Thats too dangerous” said The Wizard “Look what’s it doing to Europe.?”

”This is socialism” responded the Leader of white supremacy high command.

”We need death” said the Wizard ”and lots of it”

The white supremacy high command agreed with their black high priest and left him to continue his operations but they would send spies to keep a watch on him to make sure he did not get out of control while they planned their next greatest massacre.


In Chicago a mason coven secretly met to discuss matters of education at their  University.  It was a mixed coven made of students, one teacher and several politicians who all belonged the same fraternity.  They had prior all secretly participated in many secret rituals that they learned inside their Greek Fraternities including ritual murder, abductions, child trafficking,  the eating of babies, children and sometimes adults.  They had twenty fires to their credit.  Its Grand Master, aspired to be America’s next president and they were all amazed that their former member Martin Noire had made it.

”You are all sworn to secrecy” Martin Noir told the members of the coven using a presidential enchantment and magical protocol to send his message secretly.   They received the message when they were all together. As the group met they discussed matters of how to get back into political power.  ”Abortion rates are down.  Our fraternal sisters are now giving up their children for adoption.” said one member,

”Then they are not our fraternal sisters are they?” said the Grand Master.

Femincide is down”

”Its abolished” said another

”This just can’t be” exclaimed the leader. ”We have terror videos to make and killing to do” said the leader. ”We have to make Americans believe americans are dying by disease and pestulance,  This will put fear in them and drive them indoors where they will be sitting ducks.  Everyone is on their own and vowed to secrecy.  Pay attention to the demons that I invoke so we can gather for the next meeting. ”

New York

In the center of New York a man’s body was dropped in front of the police officer directing traffick who moved away from it.    The body had been dropped from the back of Motorcycle in the middle of Amsterdam street in its busiest part.  The driver was wearing a mask. The police officer backed away.  He was also a USPHS Medical Officer first class who never missed his Saturday half-day free coffee and donuts paid-duty anti-bio-terror USPHS refresher class.   He pulled out special gloves and his own portable anti-bacterial mask and motioned to other officers in the area who stopped all traffic. Nobody gathered around the body. A special unit was called in.  Intelligent ray technology  was used to determine the microbes and the state of the body from a distance.  It had died recently.   The rays searched the data base for a D.N.A. match and discovered it was the body of one Henry Heineken a missing male member of New York University’s Phi Beta Kappa..  The body  was infected with a variation and new strain of  EBOLA the same that had previously took the lives of the entire secret white supremacy science brigade who developed.    Almost ten thousand men and women died just to develop it and get it into the states with the hopes of killing millions of Americans.  The Wizards in the United States didn’t care though.  It just put them closer to power.  The science brigade deaths were witched and covered up.  It was a big loss and white supremacy lost many officers and their most intelligent people for this one Bio-terror attack now on the verge of failing.

”Whats happening?” asked a bystander a German immigrant.

This is white supremacy” said the cop to the man who scratched his head and left on his motorcycle.  He left the scene and was followed by two police officers on motorcycles.

Offices of the NSA

JC read the newspaper about the days events.  His senses had drawn him to study the mortuary ads and the obituary section in the area of Chicago where Martin Noire had gone to Junior College.  As he read the obituaries the false spirits conjured by Wizards came in ”We’re dying” said the voices of familiar spirits. ‘Good rittence ” JC thought to himself and kept reading. Its their own fault. 

Somewhere in Chicago there is a crime happening and JC began to pray and ask for Gods help.  Browsing the news he found the next stake out.  a Womans Business Meeting at the Hilton Downtown at 8pm-11 pm.  We need a perfect undetectable perimeter and undercover agents inside to not panick the women.  He entered alerts through the Public Health services to police and give added protection in areas still in need of more cameras.  The world was still being rewired as well as protected by satellite. Fiber optic wireless surveillance technology still prevented a lot of crimes and were next to impossible and very hard for white supremacy R.F. detectors to locate.

The Drone at the Hilton

The coven member student worked as a bell boy inside the Hilton.  He had a spotless criminal record. He got wind of the surveillance and would have to target his victims in the elevator and find a way out of the situation using death and satanic enchantments.  This would be his first public kill if he succeeded but he was assured he would escape having read about other cases of the escapes of other wizards who did the same.

In Dresden the High Priest looked at his cauldron.  He had perfect ”drone control” of the coven member. 

If he got caught, it did not matter, thought the High Priest and I get credit for murdered women.

Russian Brides & Communism

For years freemasons and atheists vied for supremacy.  In the end they were both exactly the same only one side hid their devilish behavior better than the other.  In their history however they had slaughtered too many woman and now their plan to spread atheism and communism through beautiful Russian brides was failing. Having renounced the old system women now went on their own and were carefully screened now by other services registering themselves as Russian brides now in places and countries that formerly were not approved by the white supremacist high command. After a group of 23 women from the same village outside of Moscow all left together at the same time to get married through a Russian Bride service failed to call home, their town administrator complained and the Public Health Service got called in.

JC Angelcraft New York The desk of JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs Dominus Dominorum et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft New York City  725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

The Newly Elected President by JC Angelcraft all rights reserved

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