Ticket no. 021720181232 Chapter 02 Jumbo wins the elections and consolidates power in Africa.

The desk of Jose Maria Chavira M.S. nom de plume  JC Angelcraft New York City  725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA

 Chapter 02

The year is 2038.  In Africa they called him Mambo the black messiah and mass media worshipped him and made him bigger than life.   At Freedom Tube  the Reich Eagles   continued to make their tribute to Adolf Hitler while also backing every charamastic American Asian and African black they could, with hopes another great Holocaust of death in Africa, Asian and another takeover in the United States.

In New York the Sons of Freedom made another demonstration in public believing in the news of Freedom Tube and making there own signs and videos.

”We want Jumbo, we want Jumbo, long freedoms, rites, and liberties, long live democracy!” MAGA! KAGA! they shouted.

Around the world similar groups of young men spoiled by their fathers joined the Freedom Tube revolution and soft freemasonry appeared to have returned.

JC watched and listened to the days events and studied the media.  It would take the entire day to make sure the main networks were clear of this news.  But the fact it existed spelled trouble.

The high priests in their New York sky rise office that they rented under the D.B.A. Numa Numasmatics studied the scene at Freedom Tube secretly hoping for large numbers of unnatural death to come in so they could vex it and complete their International Satanic Pact. and take over from the Nazis their partners feeling they murdered less people and would have more success.

”Death by satanists or atheists white supremacists” take your pick said JC, I just figured out this latest white supremacy scam.  Numa Numasmatics is a paper company and they are going to crash it and with it, the hopes of 800,000 share holders.  Looks like its part of another Great Depression strategy.

Numa Numasmatics had raised five million dollars selling digital penny stocks and were close to escaping with the money. They had to give a cut to their communist atheist partners who came up with Jumbo but transferring the money would be difficult.

I think ”I’m in” said Hans and he sent the transfer to Dresdin.  It was recieved.

JC had intercepted the transfer and confiscated it then the entire five million and offered New Yorker’s their money back.  He looked at the transfer and made a special fund should New Yorkers want to forfeit their dollars and cent stocks for Concerts in Park and similar events.

The world was in fact a dream unprecedented peace, but you not know it by ”Freedom Tube’

The white supremacists were adults with white supremacy high school educations at best and some leaders.

”Not to much education” that was the training motto ”not even to whites” and with heavy emphasis on Kabbah cheap mystical power.  It was a familiar situation and JC had to make another world tour to small towns and villages in Europe where whites might be in danger to white supremacy education.  They are great sabotages of education and information.

JC called together the leaders of the world and together they had find the existence of white supremacy undereducated communities in Europe and Russia and get these children and people into colleges to learn real history about real Heroes and perfect their critical thinking skills before things got worse. Then there were the Intellectuals to worry about.

Unlike before the mason Holocaust,  there was not one Kabbalist among any leader at every level all who were trained to resist ”the drone” controls of Kabbalistic Wizards.

Others used Sorcery to look for truth.

Another video from Freedom Tube broke in.  It was an Hans wearing a mask on an account that read ”freedom and death join us or die”

”We are the masters of universe” he said before continuing,  ”we kill jews and whites and blacks and anyone that gets in our way.  We are the new reich send people to ashes and we are the gods and we kill the american criminals of world war II.”


”yes Marcia?” answer JC

”This message just came in through encrypted channel 85 its in French ”

” Your highness, I am Jumbo the newly elected president of the new Africa Democracy and I wish to send you formal greetings and welcome you to my humble palace in the Congo.  You can reach me at  Secrétaire Particulier: 0999903190.

Marcia let me look at the vectors for the encrypted coorespondance”

JC studied the vectors on screen and kept quiet and looked to his secretary.

”These people are completely isolated from the world.”

”We think they may be a paramilitary group in the area of Dresdon trained not to believe in their world and not allowed to go outside the boundaries of their camp or village.”

Thank you Marcia.  I am going into the Situtation room.  I need the latest update and response from the round table of leaders in Africa,

”You got it.”

“One last thing.”

“Yes Marcia?”

“A man saying he is Jumbo sent you this playlist from Dresdon and hopes you enjoy it.  A message was attached.  They want you focus more on the middle east and to watch the Freedom Tub news report daily.”

”I bet they do, said JC. ”I have not heard this song in years, replied JC put in the file titled ‘ middle east threats from  the Furer .”


In secret Dresdon was planning and using computer generated ”cultural” language programs deciphering the lingo of  people around the world.  They used this program to recruits blacks and whites using Jumbo and comparing him to Martin Luther and Obama.  “Give me some skin” said a white supremacist in a Native American chatroom.

JC Angelcraft New York The desk of JV Agnvs Dei Verbvm Dei Filvs Dei Jose Maria Chavira M.S. Adagio 1st Primogenitvs Filvs Dei Hominis Espiritvs Dominus Dominorum et Rex Regum et Reginarum nom de plume JC Angelcraft New York City  725 5th Ave, New York, NY 10022, USA


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